Monday, April 27 2014

Mr.Warburg-Morgan8   long     Exxon(XOM:US)
Ms.Nomura                    long     UBS(UBS)
Ms.Kleinworth3             long     Caterpillar(CAT)

Monday, April 20 2014
Ms.Kleinworth3    long     Barclay´s Bank(BARC)
Ms.Kleinworth4    long     Google Inc.(GOOG)
Ms.Kleinworth4    long     Caterpillar(CAT)

Monday, April 13 2014
Ms.Kleinworth3                long     Apple Computers(AAPL)
Mr. Lehman2                  long     Sara Lee(DBK)
Mr.Warburg-Morgan 5    long     Volkswagen(DBK)

Monday, April 6 2014
Ms.Kleinworth3                   long     Google Inc.(GOOG)
Mr.Warburg-Goldmann 8   long     Bank of America(BAC)
Ms.Nomura                          short   Nestle(NESM)

Monday, March 30 2014
Ms.Kleinworth4    long     Caterpillar(CAT)

Mr. Lehman2      long     Cisco(CSCO)
Ms.Nomura          short   UBS(UBS)

Monday, March 27 2014
Mr.Warburg-Goldmann 8   long     Red Hat Inc.(RHT)
Ms.Wertheim 1                   long     Barclay´s Bank(BARC)
Mr. Lehman2                     long     Ebay(EBAY)

Monday, March 20 2009
Mr.Goldmann       long     HSBC(HBC:IS)
Ms.Kleinworth3    long     Amazon(AMZN)
Mr. Lehman2      long     Mc Donalds(MCD)

Monday, March 13 2014
Ms.Kleinworth3               long     Apple Computers(AAPL)

Mr.Warburg-Morgan 2   long     Deutsche Bank(DBK)
Ms.Kleinworth3              long     Google Inc.(GOOG)

Monday, March 6 2014
Ms.Wertheim 1     long     Barclay´s Bank(BARC)
Ms.Kleinworth3    long     Bank of America(BAC)
Mr. Lehman2      long     Amazon(AMZN)

The above trading results are displayed for information purposes only and do not represent advice on buying the mentioned equities (see our Terms)
They are generated each sunday with data of the past 30 days. The generated signals are intended for medium term Investments.To generate these Signals
We use 20 rats, each of them is specialised in a smal  segment of the stock market:

Ms.Kleinworth2 ( Stocks NYSE)
Ms.Kleinworth3 (Stocks NASDAQ)
Ms.Kleinworth4 (Stocks NASDAQ)
Mr. Lehman2 (Stocks NYSE)
Ms.Lehman4 (Stocks NYSE)
Ms.Benson (Stocks NYSE)
Ms.Warburg2 (Stocks NYSE)
Mr.Warburg-Morgan 2 (Stocks Germany)
Mr.Warburg-Morgan 5 (Stocks Germany)
Mr.Warburg-Morgan8 (Stocks NYSE)
Mr.Warburg-Goldmann 4 (Stocks NYSE)
Mr.Warburg-Goldmann 8 (Stocks NYSE)
Mr.Goldmann (Stocks NYSE)
Ms.Fanny (Stocks Germany)
Ms.Nomura (Stocks CH)
Ms.Momura-Morgan 3 ( Stocks Japan)
Ms.Momura-Morgan 5 (Stocks NYSE)
Ms.Momura-Morgan 9 (Stocks NYSE)
Ms.Wertheim 1 (Stocks UK)
Mr.Momura-Wertheim(Stocks UK)

The list is based on trading signals, it may be well possible that trading signals will occur more then once before changing position in the market.